Jason Wain takes a journey into the heart of a global phenomenon, discovering the secrets of the hero who will not die. After 50 years of being on our screens, 22 films (with a 23rd well on the way) and almost 60 years since the publication of Ian Fleming's debut novel Casino Royale, James Bond has become an icon of popular culture and warrants serious investigation and academic consideration. On this basis, and on that of understanding the nature of fantasy, Becoming Bond investigates the James Bond phenomenon through asking three questions: Why is James Bond so enduringly successful against the odds? Why do we want to be James Bond? And can we be James Bond? From driving an Aston Martin through to visiting Pinewood Studios, Becoming Bond utilises the lethal weapons of the photographic image and the written word to answer these questions on a journey of personal identity, reflection and investigation.

Becoming Bond will be exhibited at the Free Range graduate exhibition in Brick Lane, London, from the 14th - 18th June 2012. The private view takes place at 18:00 – 22:00 on the 14th. Refreshments provided.

The Becoming Bond book can be previewed and purchased here.

All photographs that feature in Becoming Bond are available for purchase as prints.

More information about Free Range can be found here. Becoming Bond is exhibited as part of Phocus at Free Range.

Questions and queries can be sent to jasonwain@live.co.uk.

Free Range Exhibition Address:

F Block T3
The Old Truman Brewery
91 -95 Brick Lane
E1 6QL